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Notes and slides from Scot Hanselman’s talk on productivity :-


Rule of three []-

Write down three outcomes
— of the day
— of the week
— of the month
— of the year

— Create rule to move emails CCed to me to a different label
— Check email on schedule time

Psychic Weight
Get over it

The pomodoro technique – Download Pomodairo
        Try to do one thing AND only one thing for 25 minutes
        Try to track the interupptions
               — Internal (Tweet, Stackoverflow, Personal email)
               — External (People)
Do not pile up books/articles at your desk – you are not going them all.
Do not check up on news/sports.
Install RescueTime to measure when you are most productive and when you are not
Look at

Productive websites

Slides :-

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Procrastination – “is a behavior which is characterized by the deferment of actions or tasks to a later time” and its better explained here.
A funny example is in an excellent you tube video her


The problem
I truly believe that procrastinate because of most importantly the lack of focus among many other reasons.
I procrastinate because I think even if I study, I wont get anything and there is no point spending time..there is too much to study. Even if I start I wont be able to study a lot and if I don’t, there is no point studying.

This is how I try to overcome this?
– Study short items and not too many items and be aware that you have studied them and take 15 minutes in a day to remind them to yourself.
– Do not think that you have studied less at any point of time.
– Get the gist of the short items and get that as fast as you can.
– Take frequent breaks.
– Do not think of anything while studying irrespective of whatever it is about.
– Think whatever you are doing now is moving you towards your goal and the goal is that short item you are focusing on and studying.


N.B. :- The funny thing is I procrastinated for writing this blog entry itself for 3 days. 🙂 See the point I am making above. 😉

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