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FaultException() exception thrown by the service is not caught by the client catch(FaultException)

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Ok, I know I am missing something here. I have the following operation contract:
    public double DivideByZero(int x, int y)
        if (y == 0)
            throw new FaultException<ArgumentException>
              (new ArgumentException("Just some dummy exception")
              ,new FaultReason("some very bogus reason"), new FaultCode("007"));
        return x / y;
And following is taken from the client:-
      Console.WriteLine("Enter the x value");
      string x = Console.ReadLine();
      Console.WriteLine("Enter the Y value");
      string y = Console.ReadLine();
          double val = client.DivideByZero(Convert.ToInt32(x), Convert.ToInt32(y));
          Console.WriteLine("The result is " + val.ToString());
      catch(FaultException<ArgumentException> exp) 
          Console.WriteLine("An ArgumentException was thrown by the service "+ exp.ToString());   
      catch (Exception exp)
In the above case  catch(FaultException<ArgumentException> exp) (the first catch block with ArgumentException in the client code) block does not get executed. However, when I remove ArgumentException to have catch(FaultException exp), the same catch block gets executed. I am not sure about this as I am throwing FaultException<ArgumentException> from my operation contract. Am I missing anything here.
 If you have a custom exception class and use that to throw and catch, It does work. Not sure why it wont work (serialize) with ArgumentException.

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