Table variables do get created in the TempDB

Id uniqueidentifier,
Name varchar(200)

INSERT INTO @Mytab1 VALUES (newId(),’Ashish’)
SELECT crdate AS CreatedDate,GetDate() As CurrentDate, Name from tempdb.dbo.sysobjects where name not like ‘sys%’


Execute the above query in any database multiple times with some seconds interval and you will see the CreatedDate and the CurrentDate very close to each other in the resultset. “CreatedDate” is the time when that table variable was created in the tempDB database and “CurrentDate” is the datetime when you executed the query. “CurrentDate” will always be greater (just milliseconds) than the “CreatedDate”.  Each time you execute the query, It creates a random name prefixed with a #  and there is no naming conflict and no error. A good article here.

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