TableDiff.exe in Sql Server 2005

Interestingly, we have a console-based TableDiff.exe in Sql Server 2005 right in our SQL server 2005 installation directory.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\COM\tablediff.exe
From here . Checkout the bulleted point in green:-
·         Table Difference tool allows you to discover and reconcile differences between a source and destination table or a view. Tablediff Utility can report differences on schema and data. The most popular feature of tablediff is the fact that it can generate a script that you can run on the destination that will reconcile differences between the tables. TableDiff.exe takes 2 sets of input;
·         Connectivity – Provide source and destination objects and connectivity information.
·         Compare Options – Select one of the compare options
·         Compare schemas: Regular or Strict
·         Compare using Rowcounts, Hashes or Column comparisons
·         Generate difference scripts with I/U/D statements to synchronize destination to the source.
I haven’t tried this but seems like worth a look..  an example here..
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