SQL Server Table Variables To Eliminate The Need For Cursors


-- we declare our table variable first

declare @SpecialCustomers TABLE (
CustomerID nchar (5) NOT NULL ,
OrderID int NOT NULL ,
ShipVia int NOT NULL,
Freight money NOT NULL)

-- now we populate the in-memory table variable with the record information needed for the update

insert into @SPecialCustomers select CustomerID, OrderID, ShipVia, Freight
from dbo.Orders where ShipVia =1 AND Freight >50.25

-- and finally we update the affected records in our regular orders table with our new shipper and price information,
-- using the @SpecialCustomers TABLE variable just as we would a real, physical table in the database:

UPDATE ORDERS SET ShipVia=4, Freight =21.00
where ORDERS.OrderID IN (SELECT ORDERID FROM @SpecialCustomers)

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